Long Sleeve, Short Sleeve Tshirts and Shorts

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Long Sleeve, Short Sleeve Tshirts and Leggings

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Get Going With TURAAG

There will aways be the opportunity to wait and not take action. You can change it today, right here by making a promise to yourself. A promise that says you’ll move more than standing still. You’ll do things that other says you can’t.

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Once you are in it, there is nothing else

Turaag's Story

Turaag Active is a sports wear brand that helps you over-achieve.
Turaag represents the pure energy flow which stems from the core
and progresses outwards – into the supreme. Turaag is what powers
your daily routine and sparks your self-defiance. It is Gushing
Momentum. Progress and success are made of bruises and sweat.
We create clothes that you don’t feel in your fight against time, the
wind, the waves.

Everything You Expect & More

Top Features Of Turaag


Seamless technology gives you lightweight and abrasion free clothing which allows fluid movement towards the natural movement of human body. How does it feel like? Feels like nothing.

Quick Dry

Take advantage of Quick-Dry Feature that has thousands of ‘Tiny Ventilation Hole’ which helps you stay sweat free while jogging, running or playing sports. Fast air dry means better feeling of remaining fresh and longer sessions at gym

Classic Design

Designed by master French designer Turrag offers you the perfect combination of vibrance and class. Wear your long sleeve t-shirt proudly at any environment and be ready to answer this quite frequently ‘Hey, where did you get them?’

Material and Performance

Turaag products are mede from best material available in the market, giving you maximum comfort. Made from stretchable fabric allowing you maximum flexibility towards natural direction of body movement.